Peacock Throne

Part of our "Royal Heritage" chapter

This magnificent jewellery is inspired by the famous jewelled Peacock Throne, one of the most splendorous thrones ever made. This spectacular throne was ascended by silver steps and stood on golden feet set with exquisite jewels. It was backed by representations of two open peacocks’ tails, gilded, enamelled, and inset with famous Koh-i-Noor and Akbar diamonds, Samarian Spinel and many other exquisite stones.  

Peacock Throne Diamond Ring *SALE*
£800  £560
Peacock Throne Topaz Ring
Peacock Throne Ring *SALE*
£1760  £1056
Peacock Throne Topaz Stud Earrings
Peacock Throne Topaz Necklace
Peacock Throne Topaz Pendant