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The first debutante season took place in 1780 when King George III held a ball for his wife’s birthday. For over 150 years, the prestigious Queen Charlotte’s ball has taken place at the opening of the season. The beautiful and exquisite Debutante collection is inspired by the chandeliers that sparkled, the tiaras that glittered, and the opulent garments adorned in ostrich feathers worn by the debutantes on such glamorous occasions.

Debutante Feather Stud Earrings
Debutante Feather Pendant
Debutante Affinity Feather Bracelet
Debutante Feather Ring
Debutante Stud Earrings
18ct gold Debutante Ring *SALE*
£2530  £1518
Debutante Pendant
Debutante Ring
18ct gold Debutante Bangle *SALE*
£11000  £5500
18ct gold Debutante Pendant *SALE*
£10890  £4356